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Spring League 2018/19, Team Members

The Mixed League is the main on-going competition of the season.

For 2018/19 there will be two competitions, the Autumn League up to December and the Spring League from January. In the Spring League each of 6 teams plays every other team once to decide the league winner.

The teams for the Spring League are given below. Click on the team number to see the team's fixtures.

If the skip is unable to play then the 3rd must assume the skip's role and duties. Normally, a substitute should not play in a position above that of the player they are replacing. However, if both skip and 3rd are unavailable, a reserve may be permitted to play as skip or 3rd.

Skips are responsible for organising transport to games (although not expected to drive on all occasions). It is expected that everyone will take their share of providing the transport (or at least offering).


Usual rules of eight ends or the bell; results decided by points, ends, shots up then shots for.


Team 1 : Norman Robertson, Gillian Kingslake, Rosemary Miller, Isabel Robertson, Jim Meikle.
Team 2 : Mike Jackson, Archie Banks, Sandy Park, Jean Verrall.
Team 3 : Howard Royston, Gill Smith, Luisella Mosley, John O'Neill
Team 4 : Bob Glass, Walter Macgowan, Keith Hyam, Richard Kingslake.
Team 5 : Di Jackson, Fiona Glass, Stan Moore, Paul Mosley.
Team 6 : Tony Flisch, Sheila Sturrock, Rita Harris, Douglas Arthur.


Members who are willing to reserve are given below.

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