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Calendar of Curling Fixtures for 2023/24

Strathendrick Curling Club organises a number of internal competitions and takes part in various external competitions each season. The provisional programme for 2023/24 is given below.

Follow the links for more information on individual competitions. All curling is in the Stirling Arena unless otherwise indicated. Follow the links for more information on individual competitions.

Curling Programme 2023/24
Day and DateTimeLocationFixture
Wednesday 13/09/2320:30StirlingForth Valley Area Knockout 1 v Denny
Thursday 21/09/2321:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 1
Thursday 28/09/2317:30StirlingForest Hills League 1
Thursday 28/09/2321:00Stirling (NCA)Forth Valley Area Knockout 2 v Falkirk
Tuesday 03/10/2315:00StirlingPresident v Vice-President - Opening Bonspiel
Thursday 05/10/2321:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 2
Tuesday 10/10/2315:00StirlingAutumn League 1
Thursday 12/10/2317:30StirlingForest Hills League 2
Thursday 12/10/2321:00Stirling (NCA)Forth Valley Area Knockout Semis
Thursday 19/10/2321:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 3
Tuesday 24/10/2315:00StirlingAutumn League 2
Thursday 26/10/2317:30StirlingForest Hills League 3
Thursday 26/10/2321:00Stirling (NCA)Forth Valley Area Knockout Final
Tuesday 31/10/2315:00StirlingAutumn League 3
Thursday 02/11/2321:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 4
Tuesday 07/11/2315:00StirlingAutumn League 4
Thursday 09/11/2317:30 & 21:00Stirling (Arena & NCA)Province Medal
Tuesday 14/11/2315:00StirlingAutumn League 5
Thursday 16/11/2321:00Stirling (NCA)Jim Carswell Cup 1 (Forth & Endrick Knock-out)
Tuesday 21/11/2315:00StirlingAutumn League 6
Thursday 23/11/2321:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 5
Tuesday 05/12/2315:00StirlingPairs
Thursday 07/12/2321:00Stirling (NCA)Jim Carswell Cup 2 (Forth & Endrick Knock-out)
Tuesday 12/12/2315:00StirlingLadies v Gents - Christmas Bonspiel
Thursday 14/12/2317:30StirlingForest Hills League 4
Tuesday 09/01/2415:00StirlingWinter League 1
Wednesday 10/01/2418:00StirlingForth Valley Area Bonspiel v Kilsyth
Thursday 11/01/2421:00Stirling (NCA)Robert Paterson Shield 6
Tuesday 16/01/2415:00StirlingWinter League 2
Thursday 18/01/2417:30StirlingForest Hills League 5
Monday 22/01/2421:00Stirling (NCA)Ballikinrain Cup (2 teams v Balfron and Kippen)
Tuesday 23/01/2415:00StirlingWinter League 3
Thursday 25/01/2421:00StirlingJim Carswell Cup 3 (Forth & Endrick Knock-out)
Tuesday 30/01/2415:00StirlingSpring League 1
Thursday 01/02/2421:00StirlingRobert Paterson Shield 7
Tuesday 06/02/2418:00StirlingWinnock Shield - Charity event
Wednesday 07/02/2417:30 & 20:30StirlingStirling Curling Group Points (Province Points)
Thursday 08/02/2417:30StirlingForest Hills League 6
Saturday 10/02/2414:00Stirling NCAWaldie Griffith Inter-Province Cup v West Lothian Province
Tuesday 13/02/2415:00StirlingSpring League 2
Thursday 15/02/2421:00StirlingJim Carswell Cup 4 (Forth & Endrick Knock-out)
Tuesday 20/02/2415:00StirlingSpring League 3
Thursday 22/02/2417:30StirlingForest Hills League 7
Tuesday 27/02/2415:00StirlingSpring League 4
Thursday 29/02/2417:30 & 21:00Stirling (Arena & NCA)Gordon Mitchell Rosebowl
Tuesday 05/03/2415:00StirlingSpring League 5
Tuesday 12/03/2415:00StirlingSpring League 6
Tuesday 19/03/2415:00StirlingClosing Bonspiel
Unlikely to take place-KinrossProvince Day (Forest Hills Trophy)
TBC--Annual General Meeting

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