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Strathendrick Curling Club, Ladies Section

Strathendrick Curling Club has a Ladies Section which holds fixtures during the day. For this season, four leagues will be played from September to March. Other fixtures are also arranged throughout the season.

The programme for 2023/24 is given below. SLB signifies Stirling Ladies Branch competitions.

Ladies Section - Calendar of Curling Fixtures for 2023/24
Day and DateTimeLocationFixture
Thursday 21/09/2310:00Stirling ArenaPractice Ice
Monday 25/09/2320:30Stirling ArenaSLB Anna Smith 1 (1 team - 4 matches)
Thursday 28/09/2310:00Stirling ArenaOpening Bonspiel
Thursday 05/10/2310:00Stirling ArenaPeat Trophy 1
Thursday 12/10/2310:00Stirling ArenaPeat Trophy 2
Monday 16/10/2320:30Stirling ArenaSLB Anna Smith 2 (1 team - 4 matches)
Wednesday 25/10/2312:30 & 15:00Stirling ArenaSLB Emily Tait (2 teams 6 end games)
Thursday 26/10/2310:00Stirling ArenaPeat Trophy 3
Thursday 02/11/2310:00Stirling ArenaPeat Trophy 4
Monday 06/11/2320:30Stirling ArenaSLB Anna Smith 3 (1 team - 4 matches)
Thursday 09/11/2310:00Stirling ArenaPeat Trophy 5
Wednesday 15/11/2318:00Stirling ArenaSLB Henderson Bishop (1 team Round 1 knockout)
Thursday 16/11/2310:00Stirling ArenaChris Gardner Trophy 1
Wednesday 22/11/2318:00Stirling ArenaSLB Henderson Bishop (1 team Round 2 knockout)
Thursday 23/11/2310:00Stirling ArenaChris Gardner Trophy 2
Monday 27/11/2320:30Stirling ArenaSLB Anna Smith 4 (1 team - 4 matches)
Wednesday 29/11/2318:00Stirling ArenaSLB Henderson Bishop (1 team Knockout final)
Thursday 30/12/2310:00Stirling ArenaChris Gardner Trophy 3
Thursday 07/12/2310:00Stirling ArenaChris Gardner Trophy 4
Thursday 07/12/2310:00Stirling ArenaSLB Christmas Bonspiel (individual entry)
Thursday 14/12/2310:00Stirling ArenaChristmas Bonspiel
Monday 18/12/2320:30Stirling ArenaSLB Anna Smith 5 (1 team - 4 matches)
Thursday 11/01/2410.00Stirling ArenaChris Gardner Trophy 5
Thursday 18/01/2410.00Stirling ArenaLomond Quaich 1 - No Ice - to be rescheduled
Monday 22/01/2412:30 & 15:00Stirling ArenaSLB Arnold Seftor (1 or 2 teams 6 end games)
Thursday 25/01/2410.00Stirling ArenaLomond Quaich 2
Thursday 01/02/2410:00Stirling ArenaLomond Quaich 3
Tuesday 06/02/2418:00StirlingWinnock Shield - Charity event
Thursday 08/02/2410.00Stirling ArenaLomond Quaich 1 Rescheduled
Thursday 15/02/2410:00Stirling ArenaRowan Salver 1
Thursday 22/02/2410:00Stirling ArenaRowan Salver 2
Thursday 29/02/2410:00Stirling ArenaRowan Salver 3
Thursday 04/03/2412:30 & 15:00Stirling ArenaSLB Stirling Ladies Open (team if required)
Thursday 07/03/2410:00Stirling ArenaRowan Salver 4
Thursday 14/03/2410:00Stirling ArenaRowan Salver 5
Thursday 21/03/2410:00Stirling ArenaClosing Bonspiel
Thursday 21/03/2412.30Lion & UnicornAnnual General Meeting & Lunch
Thursday 28/03/2410:00Stirling ArenaPairs Rescheduled

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